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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  March 4, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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about their children parents are demanding action. >> they are talking about a probation office for convicts steps away from an elementary school. the probation department is moving from the current location on broadway and fourth to a building on jackson and 11th. >> the problem, it is right across the street from lincoln elementary school. alan wang has the story you will only see on abc7 news. >> lincoln elementary school is across the street from the building where alameda county wants to relocate its probation department. that makes a lot of parents nervous.
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>> we have been informed the parolees have been visiting the probation office. >> they told abc7 news all types of offenders and possibly even sex offenders would report here. they were already in the process of moving in when school administrators found out. >> there is a group meeting and no responses. we just want answers. we want a security. >> by phone in alameda county, they 8 some -- they say this project has been in the works for the last couple years, and the probation department will move into this building which is right across the street from lincoln elementary school. jessica's law prohibits sex offenders from 2,000 feet of schools. there is no restriction for where they report on probation. >> i was quite upset. i had no idea that probation clients would be seen there. >> the alameda county supervisor says the county is
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now frying to move part of the probation department to another building so parolees won't come near the school. >> we need to give the county administrator time to talk to the various departments to see what alternatives there are. >> chan says she should hear by next week. gite family of -- the family of lynn spalding has filed a claim against the city and county of san francisco. she disappeared from san francisco general hospital in september of last year. her body was found more than two weeks later in an exterior stirwell. they conducted an investigation 1k3* blamed spalding's disappearance and death on the hospital and the sheriff department. they will hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the claims. >> a man connected to a 30-year-old cold case murder has killed himself. fairfield police say 48-year-old robert hathaway hanged himself last month. they believed that in 1983 at
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the age of 17 he sexually assaulted 40-year-old pricilla and beat her to death. hathaway was friends with her son. police found dna and fingerprints on her body and could not connect them at the time. when they checked the database , hathaway was a match. he left a note next to the body admitting he, quote, took the coward's way out. hundreds of people gathered to mourn the loss of a teen. she was hit and killed by a train on sunday. she troughed her cell phone on the tracks and was trying to retrieve it. about a thousand people from the community attended a memorial at martinez junior high school. they held candles as they shared stories about jenna. >> the transgender student who claimed to have been physically and sexually assaulted in a school bathroom made the whole thing up. the student identified as a meal says three boys attacked him at hercules high school. the student confessed to making up the story today.
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police are looking into whether to file charges. >> the city council has approved a plan to allow facebook to foot the bill for a new police officer. the social media giant will donate $200,000 a year for three years. the officer will work out of a new substation out of the company's headquarters. facebook is the first private company to fund the hiring of an officer. to the weather now and the calm before the next storm. shear a live look from our exploratorium camera and you can see the wet weather has left. spencer christian is on top of the roof with live doppler 7hd. spencer, more rain is coming. >> more rain is coming, but it is a long calm before what doesn't look like a big storm. we are hoping for some rain out of the system. there are patches of moisture developing just offshore. soon we will be moving over land areas. let me pull back and show you the long trail of moisture and clouds in our direction. we'll start our animation at 11:00 tonight.
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notice during the overnight hours we will see moisture and drizzle in the north bay and the golden gate. not until tomorrow around midday we will see the rain become well organized and push across the north bay and points southward. how much rain will we get? well, i'll take a closer look at that with the complete accu-weather seven-day forecast. dan and ama? >> i will take it. thank you, spencer. there is a dire prediction that could have severe consequences for lovers of guacamole. they say the drought and on going climate change could reduce avocados in the future. restaurants big and small are taking it seriously. cornell bernard has the story. >> the kitchen at san francisco 's restaurant is full of organic produce now more expensive because of california's drought. >> we are concerned about the avocados and the limes and the tomatoes.
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we know the world is changing is we are trying to make an effort to get them. >> he says the star of the kitchen, avocados transformed nightly into an amazing guacamole. >> scientists say they could be hard to get in the next 10 or 20 or 30 years because of the climate change. it could change this -- take this specialty off the menu. >> they predict climate change will bring hotter weather and cause a 40% drop in the avocado production. chipotle uses a company that uses 35 million pounds every year. it is warning investors that it could mean higher prices and even the end of guacamole sales. >> i ate some an hour ago. jay he likes his guacamole and he is not alone. >> to threaten the production
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at a chain restaurant where guacamole drives a lot of sales would be a bad business decision. >> for now the owners say they will keep buying the avocados for their special guacamole as long as the price allows. abc7 news. >> look a at this wonderful video that has gone viral. it was taken in san jose by a woman who lives next to a world war ii veteran. he is 95 years old and he came out to greet runners at a race this past sunday. so far this story has more than 10,000 likes on the abc7 news facebook page. lisa amin gulezian is live with that story. >> the neighbor used the cell phone to capture something very special during a run through this neighborhood. it benefits the foundation. he was a san jose ranger and died in afghanistan after september 11th. they cheered on the runners as
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they passed by his house on sunday morning. watch what happens a a few seconds later. the runners crowd around bell who was dressed in his world war ii uniform. the 95-year-old was shocked. >> saluted them. some kiss me. >> the kisses and the attention kept on coming. an off duty san jose mercury news reporter caught it all on her i foin. her iphone. >> he told me that he has never really received recognition for anything. >> this is where we were in shanghai. >> he was a corporal in the army. every now and then he likes putting on his uniform. on sunday he thought it was inspire the runners and he was right. >> he inspired all of us. he was standing on his own with no walker and no cane in
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his uniform proudly. >> these two long-time friends and runners had no idea what they were a part of on sunday would become something so big. >> i didn't know it until i saw it on diane sawyer. >> it really makes you feel good. >> he still is not fully aware of what he started on sunday. you can bet the next run that goes by his house he will be there in his uniform. in san jose, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> so touching. warning shots fired. next on abc7 news, russian and ukrainian forces towing the line and coming dangerously close to war. is there a sign that vladimir putin may back down? we will have details. >> and unlocking the mystery of the mind with video games. how a member of the grateful dead is helping scientists learn to train brains. >> and shipping singles across country. the controversial plan to fly
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between ukraine and russia, one incident nearly got out of control when the unarmed ukrainians controlled an
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airbase today. those were warning shots fired by soldiers at an airbase. the soldiers got nervous when they saw ukrainians marching toward them. the ukrainians wanted their jobs back. no one was hurt. vladimir putin decided to back off from the heavy intervention in ukraine. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meat with foreign ministers from both countries in paris tomorrow. very encouraging and exciting news in the fight against hiv and aids. researchers at glaxosmithkline announced they are close to developing a drug that protects people from getting infected with the aids virus. monkeys given the experimental drug were 100% protected after being exposed to hiv. now, unlike truvada that needs to be taken daily, this can be taken every few months. human trials will start later this year.
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researchers at ucsf are opening a new window into the human brain. it is an interactive system that could some day be used to understand and even treat a variety of conditions. >> there are probably plenty of aspiring musicians who would love to get into the head of mickey hart. in a moment, researchers are going to get the chance. >> and now you combine that with my heartbeat. you will be able to see what goes on at rhythm central. >> he is demonstrating the you type of neuro science lab completed at the campus. he specializes in combining the biofeedback with video games to probe and train the brain. >> what we can do is see someone's brain while they interact with one of our games in realtime.
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>> here we go. >> outfitted with three-d goggles hart keeps rhythm while blasting asteroids in a virtual world. behind the scenes, computers with processors and turn his brain wave into a classic display. >> vut visual areas in the back. >> it is dubbed -- it is dubbed glass brain and it is the first in creating a system that could some day help diagnose and treat disorders. >> i think we are entering a new stage of medicine where therapeutics are not directed a at molecules like drugs. but software can be used to help healthy brains. >> they can track activity in the brain and adjust the
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challenges to help strengthen orie pair the neuro pathways. >> i predict where the brain activity is coming from. and to represent it as close as the realtime it is being reported. >> there is hope the music in his brain will help the way science deals with the human mind and how we understand our own human potential. >> happy brain is a good brain. happy brain is a good brain. >> in addition to the high-tech research, the lab is also working working with popular consuming platforms. the goal is to develop affordable brain training systems that patients can use at home. >> that's wild. >> it is crowd funding for a new dating system. they recently signed up on a fundraising website. they want to raise money for a flight full of single women from new york city to san
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francisco. why? the ratio is greater here than there. >> trying to set up long distance relationships. spencer is kind of long distance. he is watching for rain. >> getting closer to the elements and we won't see much getting closer to us. you can see clumps of moisture offshore and poised to move over the land areas right now. here is a live view from the rooftop camera. temperatures in the midto up -- midto upper 50s. a live view showing clouds in the sky there. temperatures in the midto upper 50s and santa rosa and napa and concord and livermore and fairly uniform range of current temperature readings is and a -- readings and a beautiful view of the skyline. cloudy and mild overnight and rain develops in the afternoon.
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first in the north bay and during the over nate hours and thursday morning. overnight hours and thursday morning. this is a mass of moisture and we have cloud layers right now, but here comes the storm yes, sir weather. the rain will arrive tomorrow afternoon a and maybe a thunderstorm or two isolated. we will see rain spreading across the north bay, and by early afternoon and early evening we will see rain beyond the golden gate. 10:00 tomorrow night it looks wet across the bay area. by 5:00 on thursday morning beginning at rush hour there may be spots to slow down the commute. rainfall totals will not be very impressive at all except in the north bay mountains and the remainder will see .05 to a quarter of an inch. the rainfall deficit is still severe with most locations needing 10 inches or more of rain to get to normal levels.
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cloudy and drizzle may develop in the north bay. low temperatures in the mid50s. it will be mild overnight. tomorrow mostly cloudy. still mild in the inland east bay and south bay and around the peninsula. here is the seven-day forecast. we will see mild to warm conditions on friday and saturday with inland highs and bayside highs in the low 70s. mid60s on the coast.forward wit- clocks saturday night into sunday. that's when daylight savings begins and that's when we will get our next bout of rainfall is on sunday. >> thank you very much. >> now larry beil is here with sports. >> warriors to talk about? >> this was fantastic. not only did the warriors win, but it is how they won this ??eç
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this is a huge win by a small margin. owners of the best record in the league on a last-second shot not taken by steph curry. here is trouble. he loves the pacers and she loves curry. had 19 points, but quiet down the stretch. here is curry on on defense. he flips it up and in. absolute prayer is answered. thompson was the man down the stretch. warriors hit a jumper and paul george ties it as the pacers go on a 12-0 run. the fennel seconds and who are you -- the final seconds and who are you going to? a turn around jumper and 98-96 and warriors with the last
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chance. .6 left on the clock. george almost wins it with a three pointer. warriors by a deuce. the only team to beat the heat and the pacers on the road this season, 98-96. the sharks are back home for the first time after the olympic break. ties it up at one uh pies. one apiece. it ends a drought and 2-1 team teal. the second period and nobody is watching. on to over time and make it back to back starts for the first time in his career. 32 saves, but he couldn't stop harrison right there. when we come back. the giants' number one starter puts up more zeros and a
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stanford. she was named the pac-12 player of the year and the defensive player of the year. speaking of milestones, stanford coach was in his 38th year and guarding the cardinals. career number 1500 and fittingly does it against cal. his fourth r.b.i of the game. stanford was up 8-0 in the fourth. the bears were blown out. he is a tightened on the football team. he has got football power.
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stanford wins it 11-1. the giants are opening as starter. bumgarner with three score less. he has thrown five score less frames so far. vogel song went three solid innings. the giants win it 3-2. split squad action for the a's. malone facing the cubs. have no fear and a diving catch by the stanford man. cubs went on to win this game 6-4 and in the other game, the a's defeated milwaukee by the same 6-4 margin. abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thanks, larry. >> stay with us. we will be right back. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> and here is a smid tab e of what we have in store for you. >> i found a suspicious package. >> this is my dinner.
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